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Marine/Watercraft Insurance

Set Sail with Confidence

We understand that owning a boat or yacht brings unique joys and challenges. Whether you cruise the lakes, fish in coastal waters, or sail the open seas, our Marine/Watercraft Insurance ensures that your adventures on the water are worry-free.

Why Marine/Watercraft Insurance?

Watercraft are significant investments that face a variety of risks, from harsh weather conditions to navigational hazards. Unlike standard vehicle insurance, Marine/Watercraft Insurance addresses these specific challenges, providing comprehensive coverage that safeguards both your vessel and your financial security.

Comprehensive Coverage Tailored to Your Needs
Hull Insurance

Covers damage to your boat, its machinery, and its equipment, whether it’s in the water or on land.

Liability Coverage

Protects you against legal claims for bodily injury or property damage caused by your watercraft.

Personal Property

Insures personal items on board, such as gear and equipment, against theft or damage.

Additional Protection Options
Agreed Value Coverage

We offer agreed value policies where the value of your boat is agreed upon when the policy is written, protecting you from depreciation in the event of a total loss.

Environmental Liability

Protects against fines and cleanup costs if your boat is involved in an incident that pollutes the environment.

Uninsured/Underinsured Watercraft

Similar to its automotive counterpart, this coverage protects you if another boater who is not adequately insured damages your watercraft.

Get Insured and Get Out There

Your time on the water should be relaxing and enjoyable. With Able Insurance, you can trust that we have you covered. Contact us today to discuss your Marine/Watercraft Insurance needs and tailor a policy that lets you sail with peace of mind..


We Help To Get Solutions

Marine or watercraft insurance provides financial protection against loss or damage to boats and other watercraft. It typically covers the boat, its motor, the trailer, and sometimes equipment and personal items on board.

While not generally required by federal law, some states and marinas require proof of liability coverage to use their facilities or register the watercraft. It's also a wise investment to protect your assets and financial stability.

While some homeowners policies may offer limited coverage for small boats with no engine or a small engine, they usually don't cover larger boats or provide liability coverage. Marine insurance offers comprehensive protection specifically designed for the needs of watercraft owners.

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