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Cyber Liability Insurance

Fortify Your Business Against Digital Threats

We recognize the increasing reliance on digital technology and the internet by businesses of all sizes and across all industries. With this digital transformation comes the risk of cyber threats, which can compromise sensitive data and disrupt business operations. Cyber Liability Insurance is essential for any business that handles sensitive information or relies on computer systems to conduct its operations. It provides robust protection against a range of cyber incidents, including data breaches, ransomware attacks, and other cybercrimes.

Why Cyber Liability Insurance?

As cyber threats grow more sophisticated, the potential for significant financial losses and reputational damage also increases. Cyber Liability Insurance helps mitigate these risks by covering the costs associated with recovering from a cyber attack or data breach. This includes legal fees, recovery costs, lost income, and expenses related to managing the incident, such as customer notifications, credit monitoring, and repairing affected systems.

Comprehensive Coverage for Modern Risks
Data Breach Coverage

Covers costs associated with a data breach, including investigation, data recovery, notification expenses, and legal cost.

Business Interruption Losses

Compensates for income lost due to a cyber attack that disrupts operations.

Cyber Extortion Defense

Provides coverage for costs related to ransomware and other cyber extortion tactics, including the payment of ransom demands, if deemed necessary and under the guidance of professionals.

Legal Fee Coverage

Pays for legal expenses to defend claims against your company alleging negligence in preventing data breaches or other security incidents.

Tailored Solutions to Fit Your Business Needs
Third-Party Liability

Protects against claims by third parties injured by a breach of your systems, such as customers or partners.

Regulatory Fines and Penalties

Covers fines and penalties that may be assessed by regulators following a breach.

Media Liability

Includes coverage for intellectual property infringements or privacy violations through your online media platforms.

Expert Guidance for Cybersecurity Challenges

Navigating the complex landscape of cyber threats requires sophisticated understanding and strategic planning. Our team at Able Insurance is equipped to guide you through the intricacies of Cyber Liability Insurance, ensuring you have the coverage that best suits your business’s digital risk profile. We provide expert advice and support in implementing effective cyber risk management strategies.


We Help To Get Solutions

Cyber liability insurance protects businesses from the financial consequences associated with various forms of cyber incidents, including data breaches, network damage, and cyber extortion. This insurance covers costs related to recovery, legal fees, and any damages payable to affected parties.

Any business that handles sensitive data such as customer names, addresses, social security numbers, credit card information, or medical records should consider cyber liability insurance. This includes businesses of all sizes across various sectors.

General liability insurance typically does not cover cyber risks. It is primarily focused on bodily injuries and property damage resulting from direct interactions with a business’s services or products. Cyber liability insurance specifically covers risks associated with electronic activities and data protection.

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