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Body Shop Insurance

Protect Your Rental, Empower Your Hosting

We understand the unique challenges and risks associated with operating an automotive body shop. From accidental damage during vehicle repairs to customer claims of faulty workmanship, Body Shop Insurance is designed to provide robust protection that covers a wide range of potential issues, ensuring that your business can operate smoothly and securely.

Why Body Shop Insurance?

Body shops are exposed to various risks that can impact their operations and finances. These include liabilities from on-site accidents, environmental liabilities from chemical usage, and physical damages to customer vehicles. Body Shop Insurance is essential to protect against these and other risks, helping to cover the costs associated with damage, injuries, and potential lawsuits.

Tailored Coverage That Drives Your Business Forward
General Liability Insurance

Protects against claims of bodily injury or property damage caused by your services or operations.

Garage Keepers Liability Insurance

Provides coverage for damages to customers’ vehicles while in your care, custody, or control, a must-have for any body shop.

Property Insurance

Covers your shop’s building and contents, including tools, equipment, and inventory against fire, theft, and other damages.

Business Interruption Insurance

Compensates for lost income and helps pay ongoing expenses if your shop must close temporarily due to a covered loss.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Ensures that your employees are covered in case of work-related injuries or illnesses.

Environmental Liability Insurance

Protects against claims related to the use and disposal of hazardous materials like paints and solvents.

Customizable Options For Comprehensive Protection
Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Covers repair or replacement of equipment that breaks down, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

Crime Insurance

Protects against losses due to crimes such as theft, burglary, or fraud by employees.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Safeguards against data breaches and cyber threats, increasingly important in today's digitial world.

Expert Support Every Step of the Way

Choosing the right insurance for your body shop is crucial. Our team at Able Insurance specializes in commercial insurance and understands the nuances of the automotive repair industry. We are here to provide expert guidance and tailor a policy that fits your specific needs, offering you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on running your business.


We Help To Get Solutions

Body shop insurance is a specialized type of business insurance that covers the unique risks associated with running an auto body shop. This insurance typically includes coverage for property damage, liability, tools and equipment, and customer vehicles under the care of the shop.

Any business that operates as an auto body shop, providing services such as collision repair, painting, and dent removal, should have body shop insurance. This coverage is essential to protect against the various risks associated with handling customer vehicles and operating heavy machinery.

While general business insurance covers basic liabilities and property risks, body shop insurance provides additional specific coverages needed for auto repair businesses, such as garage keepers liability for customer vehicles in your custody and coverage for specialized tools and equipment.

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