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Legal Expense Insurance

Empower Your Legal Rights with Financial Support

We understand that legal issues can arise unexpectedly and often carry significant financial burdens, whether you are a business or an individual. Legal Expense Insurance provides a proactive solution, offering coverage for the costs of legal advice and representation. This insurance is essential for anyone seeking to protect themselves from the unpredictable expenses associated with legal disputes.

Why Legal Expense Insurance?

Legal challenges can be daunting and financially draining. From employment disputes and contract issues to tax investigations and property disputes, Legal Expense Insurance helps manage the costs associated with resolving legal matters. It ensures that you can afford competent legal representation without compromising on the quality of your defense or legal advice.

Comprehensive Coverage for Diverse Legal Needs
Contract Disputes

Covers legal costs associated with disputes over goods and services you buy or sell.

Employment Disputes

Provides protection for legal expenses in defending or pursuing claims related to employment, such as wrongful dismissal.

Tax Protection

Includes coverage for costs associated with tax audits amd appeals.

Property Protection

Covers Legal fees related to property disputes, including boundary disputes or damage to your property.

Regulatory Compliance

Assists with legal costs from defending against prosecutions for breaches of regulations in your business or personal activities.

Tailored Solutions for Businesses and Individuals
Commercial Legal Expense Insurance

Tailored for businesses to cover litigations, regulatory compliance, and HR issues.

Personal Legal Expense Insurance

Designed for individuals looking to protect themselves from legal issues that could affect their personal life or property.

Expert Advice and Dedicated Support

Choosing the right Legal Expense Insurance requires understanding your risk exposure and legal needs. Our team at Able Insurance offers expert advice, helping you identify the appropriate coverage to protect against potential legal challenges. We are committed to providing personalized support, ensuring you understand your coverage and can access legal services when needed.


We Help To Get Solutions

Legal Expense Insurance (LEI) covers individuals or businesses for the cost of legal representation and other legal expenses in the event of certain legal actions. This insurance typically covers a range of legal issues, including disputes with contractors, employment disputes, tax audits, and more.

LEI can be beneficial for anyone, from individuals and families to small business owners and large corporations. It provides a financial safety net for those who might otherwise be deterred from defending or pursuing their legal rights due to the high cost of legal services.

Unlike liability insurance, which covers claims made against the policyholder, Legal Expense Insurance covers the policyholder’s own legal costs for pursuing or defending legal actions. It is proactive, helping to manage legal costs effectively.

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