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Long Haul Trucking Insurance

Comprehensive Coverage for Extended Journeys

We understand the unique risks and challenges associated with long haul trucking. Covering vast distances and navigating various state laws and regulations, long haul truckers face a distinct set of potential liabilities and accidents. Long Haul Trucking Insurance is essential to protect your drivers, your cargo, and your vehicles, ensuring that your business remains operational and efficient, no matter the distance.

Why Long Haul Trucking Insurance?

Long haul trucking involves extended periods on the road, which increases the risk of accidents, cargo theft, and damage. Additionally, the complexity of crossing state lines means dealing with a variety of regulatory environments. Long Haul Trucking Insurance provides the necessary coverage to address these risks, offering protection tailored to the needs of long-distance truckers.

Tailored Coverage for Long Haul Operations
Commercial Auto Liability

Provides coverage for liability claims that can arise out of the damage of property or bodily injury to third parties as a result of trucking accident.

Cargo Insurance

Ensures the goods you're hauling are protected against loss or damage from a variety of threats.

Physical Damage coverage

Covers damage repairs for the vehicle caused by collisions, single vehicle accidents or any fire and theft losses.

CGL Insurance

Protects your business from financial loss due to property damage, bodily injury, or personal injury caused by your operations or employees.

Additional Coverage Options
Trailer Interchange Insurance

Protects non-owned trailers that you’re hauling under a trailer interchange agreement.

Limits for Cargo Commodity

Set specific coverage limits for different types of cargo to ensure adequate protection for your transported goods.

Reefer Breakdown Coverage

Covers losses related to the breakdown of refrigeration equipment, crucial for long haul carriers transporting perishable goods.

Expert Guidance and Support

Long haul trucking insurance requires expert knowledge due to the complex nature of the risks and regulations involved. Our team at [Brokerage Name] specializes in commercial trucking insurance and offers personalized service to help you navigate your insurance options. We provide detailed guidance to ensure your coverage supports your business activities effectively and efficiently.


We Help To Get Solutions

Long haul trucking insurance is a type of commercial vehicle insurance designed specifically for trucks that transport goods over long distances. This insurance covers a wide range of risks associated with interstate and long-distance trucking operations, including liability, physical damage, and cargo loss or damage.

Any business that operates trucks for long-distance transport of goods, especially those crossing state lines, requires long haul trucking insurance. This includes independent owner-operators and companies that own a fleet of trucks engaged in interstate commerce.

Long haul trucking insurance often involves higher liability limits and more extensive cargo coverage due to the increased risks associated with longer distances and interstate travel, including different state regulations and greater exposure to accidents and theft.

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