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Errors & Omissions Insurance

Protect Your Business Against Claims of Professional Mistakes

We understand that mistakes happen, even to the best professionals. Errors & Omissions Insurance, also known as Professional Liability Insurance, is designed to protect individuals and companies that provide professional services from the financial burden of defending against a claim of negligence, misrepresentation, or error in the delivery of services.

Why Errors & Omissions Insurance?

In today’s litigious environment, any professional can face claims that their service or advice caused a client to suffer financial harm due to mistakes or the failure to perform some service. Errors & Omissions Insurance is essential for protecting against such claims, covering legal fees, settlements, and any court judgments.

Key Coverage Features

Covers claims arising from negligence in the performance of professional services.

Defense Costs

Includes attorney fees, court costs, and settlements or judgments, even if the claim is groundless.

Personal Injury (Libel or Slander)

Offers coverage for personal injury claims, such as libel or slander, associated with the services provided.

Worldwide Coverage

Protection for services rendered around the world, provided the claim is made in the judicial systems of the policy’s issuing country.

Tailored Options to Meet Specific Needs
Prior Acts Coverage

Covers acts that occurred before the insurance policy was purchased but were claimed during the policy period.

Extended Reporting Periods

Allows claims to be reported even after the policy has expired if the act occurred during the insured period.

Expert Support for Risk Management

Choosing the right Errors & Omissions Insurance requires understanding specific risks associated with your profession. Our team provides expert risk management advice and tailors policies to perfectly align with your business needs. We support you throughout the process, from selecting coverage to handling claims.


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Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance, also known as professional liability insurance, protects individuals and companies that provide professional services or advice against claims of inadequate work or negligent actions by clients. It covers legal defense costs, settlements, and judgments resulting from lawsuits for alleged mistakes or failures in services.

E&O insurance is crucial for professionals such as consultants, financial advisors, accountants, architects, real estate agents, lawyers, engineers, and technology service providers. It’s recommended for anyone whose clients could claim that something was done improperly and caused them financial loss.

General liability insurance covers bodily injury, property damage, and advertising injury that can occur in the course of business. E&O insurance specifically covers claims related to the performance of professional services, such as negligence, errors, or omissions in the services provided.

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