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Hotel Insurance

Comprehensive Protection for Your Hospitality Business

We understand the complex challenges faced by hotel owners and operators. From property damage and business interruptions to liability issues and guest accidents, the risks can be substantial. Hotel Insurance is designed to provide tailored coverage that protects against these risks, ensuring that your hotel can operate smoothly and continue to provide exceptional service to guests.

Why Hotel Insurance?

Hotels, as multifaceted operations, involve numerous risk factors that can impact both the physical property and the financial stability of the business. These risks include guest injuries, employee claims, property damage, and loss of revenue due to unforeseen closures. Hotel Insurance helps manage these risks by offering comprehensive protection tailored to the needs of the hospitality sector.

Tailored Coverage for Hotel Operations
Property Insurance

Protects your hotel building, contents, and equipment from damage due to fires, storms, theft, and other covered perils.

Business Interruption Insurance

Compensates for lost income and helps cover operating expenses if your hotel must close temporarily due to a covered event.

General Liability Insurance

Covers legal fees and settlements if your hotel is sued for injuries or damages experienced by guests or other third parties on your property.

Liquor Liability Insurance

Essential if your hotel operates a bar or serves alcohol, this coverage protects against claims related to the service of alcohol.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Safeguards against data breaches and cyber-attacks, protecting guest information and other sensitive data.

Additional Protection Options
Employee Dishonesty Coverage

Protects against losses due to acts of theft or fraud by employees.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Covers the repair or replacement of boilers, HVAC systems, and other essential equipment that breaks down unexpectedly.

Event Cancellation Insurance

Provides coverage for losses if an event hosted at your hotel is canceled due to reasons beyond your control.

Expert Advice and Personalized Service

Choosing the right insurance for your hotel is crucial. Our team at Able Insurance specializes in commercial insurance for the hospitality industry and is committed to providing you with expert guidance. We help you assess your risks and tailor a policy that offers comprehensive protection, ensuring that your hotel is prepared for anything.


We Help To Get Solutions

Hotel insurance is a specialized type of business insurance designed to cover the specific risks faced by the hospitality industry. It combines elements of property insurance, liability insurance, and business interruption insurance, among others, to provide comprehensive protection for hotel operations.

Any business that operates within the hospitality industry, including hotels, motels, inns, and bed and breakfast establishments, should have hotel insurance. This insurance helps protect against the financial risks of property damage, guest injuries, employee issues, and operational interruptions.

Yes, hotel insurance can be tailored to the specific needs of each establishment. Additional coverages can be added, such as liquor liability insurance, foodborne illness liability, event cancellation, and coverage for recreational facilities (e.g., spas, gyms).

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